Itami Airport (ITM)

Itami Airport is a hub of domestic air travel, serving cities across the country. With its easy access of 30 minutes from the center of Osaka City, the airport attracts a large number of passengers. Restaurants and souvenir shops are in both north and south terminals, enjoying great popularity from passengers and family groups. From La Sora, a free-of-charge rooftop observation deck on the 4th floor, visitors can enjoy watching departing and arriving planes, along with a panoramic view of the Toyonaka, Itami and Ikeda areas. The deck is also a popular date spot; in the twilight, as the sun sets, and the lights of departing/arriving airplanes and runways glow, a fascinating scenery is created. A variety of seasonal concerts, product exhibitions and other events are held here.I hope our products can help your travel.Please inquire about Airport Hotel Transfer service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Itami Airport (ITM) Transfer Service By Yen

Itami Airport (ITM) transfer service By Yen

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