Osaka Airport transfer service,Osaka travel guide for July

Osaka Airport transfer service,Osaka travel guide for July

2019-07-11 11:48:49


Osaka Airport transfer service,Osaka travel guide for July.Osaka city is the most famous tourist attraction in Osaka and the symbol of Osaka. It contains thirteen buildings which are listed as important cultural heritage sites by the Japanese government.It is especially famous for its imposing gates and towers built along the moat.The steep wall, which is 20 meters high, was built from boulders brought from all over Japan.No other ancient Japanese city can match the grandeur of its high, steep walls and wide moats.

Osaka Airport transfer service what is worth mentioning is the ghost tiles on the roof of tengshou pavilion, and the relief in the shape of a tiger, which are all gilded.

Osaka city underwent an overhaul in 1997.The exterior walls were newly painted and gold-plated accessories relocated.The bright gold against the white walls brings Osaka back to its former glory.Osaka Airport transfer service The redesigned and renovated main rostrum is decorated with colorful lights, both inside and outside, which makes the building, a symbol of Osaka's past glories and glories, particularly striking.(

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